Currently, slightly over a billion people lack access to clean and reliable electricity. Ironically, most of these people live in regions endowed with numerous solar resources.

At Agile Power we are working to reverse this trend by providing smart, efficient and reliable energy to underserved communities in East Africa. 

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Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar systems are designed for business and other utilities like industries, office complexes, production farms and the likes. For many business the cost of grid-purchased power is simply unsustainable. This coupled with the frequent power disruptions makes solar the energy of choice. Not only is so, solar energy helps to reduce carbon emmissions thus enhancing sustainability of your business.



Residential Solar Systems

For many residences in both ongrid and off grid areas solar is proving to be a reliable energy source. With plummeting equipment prices, the cost of installing a solar system is way cheaper than paying monthly power bills to the utility company over an indefinite period of time. More so solar energy provides a solid backup during power outages.



Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Systems is a combination of solar energy and a secondary source which might include a diesel generator or a wind generator. This is most ideal in areas that are not served by the utility grid. This ensures both reliability and sustainability.



Solar Water Pumping

Solar pumping, though a novel technology is gaining traction in many parts of the developing world, more so off grid areas. Solar is used to pump water for domestic use and irrigation thus improving agricultural productivity and subsequently alleviating poverty.

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Who we are


Agile Power Services was established to provide smart, efficient and intelligent energy solutions. Drawing from extensive experience is solar systems design and construction we endevoour to be the leading solar energy company in East Africa.

Our team comprise of career engineers and project developers who cut their teeth in the industry addressing one of the most pressing challenges in the developing world: energy access. As our name implies, our solutions offer a quick turn around on initial investments as some customers have already realized. 

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